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 Design & Layout
Through-hole board layout on monitor screen.
Consulting and Design Services
In addition to our full range of manufacturing capabilities, we also provide our clients with design and production consulting. Specify RoHS, lead free when needed.

Printed Circuit Board Layout
We can apply your design to circuit boards, whether they're single-sided, double-sided or multi-layered.

Production Evaluation
By reviewing a circuit board or cable assembly, at the design stage, we can assure that you achieve maximum manufacturability—saving you valuable time and money.

Embedded Controls Development

Programming Capability (Microcontrollers, Memory, PLDs, etc.)

Turnkey Circuit Design and Prototyping

Design Tip:
If your circuit board uses many small value ceramic disc and polyester radial capacitors, consider changing them to Axial Monolithic Ceramic's.

If you add an additional hole at .400" spacing, they can be autoinserted with the resistors and diodes.

Doing this increases the component count for justifing auto insertion, and by going to auto insertion, will easily offset the slight component cost increase by saving in labor.

Design Tip:
When designing a SMT board with 15 or 20 mil components, add a local fidicual (60 mil solid pad) in the center of the foot print.

That way the vision system will place the part accurately for each board of the panel rather than use a calculated location from the panel fiducials.

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