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HP Manufacturing is RoHS compliant for manufacturing.
CAD/CAM Services

What do you do when you need to have circuit boards made and you don't have Gerber data to send to your board house?

What do you do when your customer only has films?

What do you do when your company has an obsolete design that has to "run just one more time" and all that can be found is an old board?

HP Manufacturing, Inc. is able to computer generate accurate Gerber data for circuit board fabrication from your artwork, plots, Mylar film and/or by utilizing your physical circuit board.

This Gerber data incorporates all of the necessary board layers: copper, soldermask, legend/silk screen and drill file. Single or double sided boards can be created from your physical board, artwork, plots, or film. Multi-layer boards can be created from your artwork, plots or film.

What do you do when your customer supplies the circuit boards, but does not have the Gerber data for the Centroid information to program your insertion/placement machine.

HP Manufacturing, Inc. is able to input and generate accurate Gerber data from artwork, plots, Mylar film or a physical circuit board for your programming station including the CAD data in ASCII format.

If you do not have the capability of off-line programming, and would like to reduce your programming time, we have the outputs to provide you with a ready to run program with documentation for many industry type machines including but not limited to Axial insertion, SMT, Dispensing, etc. For more information regarding setup of our programming services, or to find out what machines are supported, please inquire.

Other Services
• DXF file conversions to Gerber

• Stencil file generation/modification

• Process Drawings

• Gerber data to CAD data (ASCII format)

RoHS compliant

We also offer complete Design and Layout services.

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